Putting Moffat County first

John has a proven record of making the “right” decisions for Moffat County.

John also recently announced that, if re-elected, he will not take any pay raise in 2017. “I should make sacrifices just like our employees and county residents.”

  • Attentive to Moffat County citizens
  • Passionate about making the right changes
  • Record of making effective decisions and the “right” choices

Working for Moffat County

(and putting Moffat County to work)

In the news

From John’s constituents

  • John has always been a “listener” who is always interested in other people, and their problems.  He cares about the people of Moffat County.
    He will travel to other states to learn more about the subject at hand and work on solutions to the problems. He is very trustworthy and
    hardworking. Overall, John is a good County Commissioner and works hard for his constituents. 
    Frank Bomba
  • I thank you on your past and present efforts to bring people from different agencies etc. to Moffat County to have hearings, meetings, tours etc.  Your efforts have brought forth what I believe are the most productive means we have to influence people.  Show them the mines, power plants, ranching operations etc.  Let them see first hand what people and companies are already doing for the environment, sage grouse, pollution (real or perceived) Each person or agency that comes I believe will leave with a changed knowledge of the issue or issues. Keep up the good work.  I support you in these efforts.
    Lloyd Rollins
  • John has been willing to step up and go beyond what is required with his position. His time spent in Denver and Washington D.C. on the behalf of the citizens of Moffat County has been beneficial to all and very much appreciated.


    John Williams

The Issues

John is committed to Moffat County. Learn more about the issues most affecting Moffat County citizens.




Phone: 970.620.0743
Craig, CO 81625
221 W. Victory Way, Suite 130
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