Press Release: John Kinkaid will seek second term in 2016

Press Release: John Kinkaid will seek second term in 2016

After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to seek a second term as a Moffat County Commissioner. The last three years have been a very fulfilling time in my life. With much Divine intervention and lots of great help from others, I’ve been able to make a very positive difference for my constituents. Almost every week someone comes up to me in the store and tells me, “Thank you”. Twice this week. Ha.

I just want you to know that I love fighting for you. With help from a very senior state elected official, I was able to get our Region 8 EPA Administrator to attend a very packed community meeting at Moffat County High School. And I’ll be meeting with the administrator again this December in Denver. 

I’ve reached across both aisles and garnered support for our county from both Senators Bennet and Gardner as well as Congressman Tipton. And it took help from both Democrats and Republicans to get the attention of the EPA and the Department of Interior. And believe me, it made a huge difference. I met with the Secretary of Interior this summer in Glenwood Springs and got assurances for Colowyo coal mine.

Senator Bennet was able to get me a meeting with the White House. In July I was able to plead our case directly to the Office of Management and Budget, EPA and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in regard to the upcoming “Clean Power Plan”.

And of course we just completed phase two of the Shadow Mountain Village improvement project. As you know, that took cooperation between the city and the county.

Many challenges lay ahead for Moffat County, but we will continue to rise to the occasion. I am so proud of my constituents! And I’m looking forward to 2016 and beyond.


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