John Kinkaid helps save hundreds of Moffat County Mining jobs with help of Senator Bennet

John Kinkaid helps save hundreds of Moffat County Mining jobs with help of Senator Bennet

“Without Michael’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with the Obama administration. They weren’t going to listen to anybody outside of the Democratic party…I’m grateful to have him as an ally in this bipartisan fight for our mining industry.” -John Kinkaid

Press Release, July 28, 2016, Craig, CO — Michael Bennet has gone to bat for Moffat County’s economy time and again.  He’s protected our coal miners from being put out of work and saved our economy from ruin. That’s why, even though it poses a political risk for me, I’m supporting Michael this November. Readers need to know that he has gone the extra mile for us as they evaluate the candidates for the US Senate.

I’m proud to call Michael a friend.  Every time that I’ve asked Michael for help, he has been there with his full support and it has made all the difference.

Michael fought very hard to keep Colowyo and Trapper mines open, because he understood their importance to our region’s economy. When federal courts threatened to close the mines, due to incomplete environmental impact studies, Michael took on the Obama Administration. He cut through red tape successfully and pushed to complete their review rapidly. His actions kept our mines from being shut down because of slow-moving bureaucracy and saved over 200 jobs. Michael’s advocacy also protected over $10 million in tax revenue essential for local infrastructure and education, and it guaranteed fuel reserves for Craig Station.

He partnered with local leaders, Democrats and Republicans-with anyone willing to work on this-and got us RESULTS. That’s why we need Michael Bennet to keep fighting for northwest Colorado in the U.S. Senate.

John Kinkaid


Read more about Senator Bennett’s letter to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell here >>


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